Yes they did!

6 Nov 2008 by mjc, 1 Comment »

What a great 24 hours!  Votes were counted, exit poll (mostly) matched the polls leading up to the election, and most importantly, the American people voted decisively for change:

  Election Unleashes a Flood of Hope Worldwide

Now it’s going to be much harder to convince my American friends and colleagues to move to Australia, even if the world’s best bagels have emigrated down under.

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One Comment

  1. G’day Michael
    Thanks for the link to The Food Zeitgeist. Indeed Iggy’s Bread is a welcome addition to the food scene here in Sydney. We are used to a softer, boiled-style bagel mainly, so having Iggy churn out his steamed (not boiled) variety is a pleasure. Last week they supplied me with some Tasmanian Honey which complemented the bagels perfectly.

    Best regards,
    Tony Hollingsworth

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